Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Tardiness is Next to Godliness...

28 Sep 2016

A slow trickle of migrants continues to grace us. The weather remains ok but less than ideal for large bird movements. Here's our eBird list.

Today's whims brought us a welcome visitor from more balmy climes:

Tropical Kingbird hanging out near the Burning Bush

Our second portrait will be a throwback to last year when we (Adam, Eva, Boo--thanks Eva!) chucked a GoPro/faucet off of East Landing and accidentally found a red abalone. Their populations plummeted after years of exploitation and they remain scarce and continue to decline on the Farallones.

Who wanders by this mirrored shore,
And from a basin's rugged edge
In the limpid depths peers wide and deep,
Where lolling tides lie half asleep,
Will the strange sea forms venture o'er
The weed-grown, creviced, glassy floor...

Excerpt from "Sea Folk" from The Farallones The Painted World and Other Poems of California
by Milton S. Ray

East Landing Abalone!

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