Saturday, October 15, 2016

What's Better Than Two? Ten.

30 September to 4 Oct 2016

Deepest apologies to all of the portrait fans who have been waiting far too long for the next installment. As a result of communication breakdowns, plumose foreign-body aspiration, and a few days with Loads of Birds, I have fallen behind. Fear not, portrait enthusiasts, for ten is five times better than two.

Regarding aspirations, I inhaled a belly feather from an Audubon's Warbler on 2 October. This is not advised. Inhaling anything but nicely oxygenated air is a bad idea. I asked Peter Pyle if he'd ever inhaled feathers. He said no, but told me about a researcher extraordinaire  (below) who may have died from long-term feather exposure. Thanks, Peter!

Here's hoping that we have many more days of TPAD ahead of us. If not, it's been fun. I love you all!

This Lesser Goldfinch acquired a bad pollen habit during its stay on the island.

This Northern Fur Seal is upset about something.

The beginnings of a fogged out day at the lighthouse

We finally caught the Black-throated Sparrow!
The orange character is Edrudia constipans, a lichen found only on the Farallones 
This Pacific Wren spent most if its stay in the cable tunnel beneath the lighthouse. Here it pauses for some brief sunshine.

Jim and Garrett cleaning off our solar panels.

Great White! This fellow had just finished eating a pinniped--probably a sea lion, but impossible to know for certain

This Sharp-shinned Hawk flew about at the lighthouse for a bit before heading back to land.