Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Heat Waves

25 September 2016

Today was very hot on the island and very clear--and very birdy. Visibility greater than 60 miles often bodes poorly for bird arrivals on the island--but this was an exception. About 200 birds arrived, mostly Golden-crowned and Fox Sparrows with good numbers of Spotted Towhees, Hermit Thrushes, and Savannah Sparrows--see a complete eBird checklist here.

The island residents, J. Tietz, Alyssa Om, J. Drucker, and G. Duncan were very pleased with the avian bounty brought by Mastwell and Rockly.

Don Mastwell in action at Heligoland. He's either recording bird numbers or reading some trashy fantasy fiction. It's impossible to tell.
Smoke from the Sawmill Fire in Sonoma county provided for a nice sunset--and a further reminder that much of California remains in a severe drought.

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