Friday, September 12, 2014

A Woodpecker, a Bobolink, and a Shark

Alas, friends: I have no shark portraits.  But a very large shark was seen today consuming chunks of pinniped flesh off of west end.  I hope to see more before my time here is finished (and I hope that they are much closer) and I hope to fetch some portraits to share.

Here is a portrait of an Acorn Woodpecker, wandering the rock in search of sustenance.  What do oak woodland birds think of this place?

This adorable Bobolink popped out of Heligoland and posed briefly.  Heligoland also contained a Yellow-breasted Chat and a Mourning Warbler, plus at least 6 other species.  One tiny wind-tortured pine tree=much habitat.

Today's eBird checklist.

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