Monday, September 15, 2014

Today is Not Yesterday, But There Are Salamanders

Greetings, readers, and further apologies for my tardiness.  Yesterday and today were very slow on Los Farallones.  Slow, still, and hot.  Very few new birds arrived.  Some of the crew wandered over to West End to count Fur Seals and pull spinach.  They certainly started the day with a healthy case of Faranoia, but it subsided quickly as the full promise of a new and unknown dawn was spoiled by the pangs of our newfound depauperate reality.  Tomorrow (as always) is a different day.  Let us hope that dawn brings the avian hordes to our now barren shores.

Here is a Farallon Arboreal Salamander.  A bizarre outlying population of this widespread California species lives here--and it is confined to strange habitat.  Acorn Woodpeckers might feel slightly more at home here knowing that these characters are residents.

I did not band this Bobolink.  It escaped shortly after this photograph was taken, much to my dismay.