Saturday, August 30, 2014

A Hummingbird, a Baby, and Creosote

Today is a very windy day with very few birds, and no new arrivals.  We have about 8 songbirds on the island, almost all of them holdovers from yesterday.  The winds continue through Monday then drop precipitously--possibly dropping loads of birds with their dropping (and with their droppings).  One can hope.  In the meantime, here is a Rufous/Allen's Hummingbird utilizing mallow in the new MLB Reserve.  This bird might similarly utilize creosote at some point in its future.  Or it might be utilized by a pelagic fish in the middle of the Pacific.

This is an adorable bird--a Rhinoceros Auklet chick.  The last of the seabirds are near fledging, and Alcid feeding trips have slowed dramatically.  The island Western Gull population has also plummeted, much to the relief of human ears, hearts, and minds.  A very special thanks to Robert Snowden for restraining this beast.

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  1. Hello and Thank You Adam... some really wonderful shots...!! I especially Love the hummingbird and the mallow...