Thursday, August 21, 2014

Progressive Portraiture

Good evening followers,

Here is a traditional portrait of a wonderfully attractive Pigeon Guillemot, parenting away on cliffs below the lighthouse.  A most eximious creature.  Pigeon Guillemots nest in holes and rocky crevices on the island--the young are brought food (fish) until they are ready to fledge--they then leave the nest and are independent from the time of fledging.  The Farallones have one of the largest breeding colonies of this species, numbering about 2,200 birds.

This is an untraditional portrait.  Any guesses as to the owner of these feet?  (Hint: there are at least 8,000 of these feet on the island).

Tomorrow's post will feature recent landbirds--so get ready.


  1. This looks suspiciously like Western Gull paddlers. How long are you on the Farallons?

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  3. Correct--I'm here until 20 September

  4. Oh, sorry--correct for the Western Gull--puffin feet are bright orange