Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Flipper Sacks

Elephant Seals occasionally feign adorableness, especially during their aquatic life-stages.  But don't be fooled--they are disgusting creatures for the majority of their out-of-water existence.
 This is a commissioned family portrait of a loving and caring Western Gull with three chicks.  Light of heart with a maw that is bottomed.
 Harbor Seals are the most likable pinnipeds available.  Cute aquatic dog sausages.

These are California Sea Lions.  My good friend and fellow island-dweller, Don Mastwell, believes that sea lions are actually humans in a form of hell or purgatory--cursed to live within a burlap sack. With flippers.

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  1. I am quite certain after seeing that photo that Harbor seals are descended from Pugs.