Sunday, August 24, 2014

Maxwell's Demon

This is a portrait of Dan Maxwell, hard at work inside the SEFI banding laboratory.  Note his signature bird-bag handling style; the mark of a professional.  He is about to band a bird--no one knows what species.  Not a Lesser Yellowlegs.  Not a Virginia Rail.  Beyond that, the possibilities are myriad (somewhere, a Lesser Yellowlegs just flushed).
I like this Western Gull photograph.  A lot.  Western Gulls frequently have things in their mouths--golf balls, sea stars, Cassin's Auklets; myriad (flush) things.  This gull might be reminiscing about the nesting season, or perhaps it is gearing up for next year.  We can't know what goes on inside the head of such a creature--and once we knew, we could never go back...

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