Friday, August 21, 2015

Bad Parenting?

20 Aug 2015.

Here, dear readers, is a Western Gull chick: fluffy, adorable, innocent:

"Why?" you might ask, would the following have been written about such a creature:

"Much that is good and all that is evil has gathered itself up into the Western Gull [...]  the Western Gull is cruel of beak and bottomless of maw [...] Nothing in the life of the Farallons [sic] is more striking than the rapacity of the gulls and their determination to profit by any excitement which will frighten the peasantry."  --William Leon Dawson, in The Birds of California, 1923

A picture is worth a thousand words:

"Am I hungry?  Yes.  Can I get away with it?  I'll try."

And the eBird checklist for 20 August:

SEFI 41.1
SCI   41

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