Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Circle

The days are already blending seamlessly (when is it?) and the gulls are speaking in tongues (yes).

Few birds, more boat training, plenty of gulls, hordes of Sea Lions (so many sea lions)--but more birds lie in our future as has been prophesied by Gemini.

Some days (such as today) the island brings us things that are objectively beautiful, such as this Selasphorus hummingbird (probably a Rufous) attempting to subsist (successfully?) on Mallow:

Roger The Hummingbird
  Other days (such as today) the island brings gulls puking up large (too large?) fish into the mouths of babes.  All of this is part of The Circle.  Yes, even you.  Open wide:

 Today's eBird checklist brought to you by I didn't enter the eBird checklist yet but will soon.

The war goes on:
SEFI 41-point-something (to be explained later)
SCI 40

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