Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Faranoia, Redux

23 August

Many of you must remember our post back in 2014 detailing the condition known as Faranoia:

Faranoia (n.)
Pronunciation: /ˌferəˈnoiə  /
Syllabification: far·a·noi·a 
     A mental condition characterized by fear of missing rare birds due to distractions, WPWT, or a simple lack of attentiveness (e.g., looking at one's feet so as not to fall to one's death).

   Particularly acute cases of this affliction are experienced by individuals who are not currently on the island but wish that they were.  The condition is made even more unbearable by the presence of one or more rare birds that the afflicted has missed.  Entire days may be spent wondering what else was missed or will be missed.  It is similar to hypochondriasis, but much, much, much worse.  If you are experiencing serious symptoms that you suspect are related to Faranoia, contact your physician.  Note, however, that the only known treatment is to not be not on the Farallones.

   Uppy the Upland Sandpiper stayed with us at least through the 23rd--and I promised you another portrait.  So here we have the Upland Sandpiper stalking beetles on the marine terrace:

And here's some more typical Western Gull parental care.  Don't we all wish that our parents were this generous?

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