Sunday, August 30, 2015


Wednesday, 26 August

Yet another tardy-PAD.  Remiss in my duties, as per usual.

  SEFI is currently covered with California sea lions.  They are on the terraces, north and east landing, and sometimes the main path across the island. We avoid disturbing them as we go about our daily tasks (and avoid areas that they have been frequenting--the stench is bold, to say the least) but occasionally our jobs bring us near enough to catch some fun or adorable behaviors.  For example, here is a sea-lion napping atop two elephant seals--and nuzzling continuously (and adorably) until the elephant seal put its flipper over the sea lion (adorably, but not caught on film):

Napmate portrait.
  And here is a portrait of a bird--before the bird drought really set in (it's currently blasting 25-30 knots outside--poor weather for migration.  Good weather for waffles).

Punch a Wilson's Warbler and it'll pop right back up again
The current Island Battle score:  
SCI 50

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