Friday, September 18, 2015

In Which Railey II, A Mouse, and a Chestnut-sided Warbler

14-15 September 2015

Yes, dear readers, another FPAD...or 4PT.

The birds have begun to trickle. Presaging a crack in The Wall? Is birds coming? We don't yet know.

The good news is this: WE ARE IN THE LEAD AGAINST SAN CLEMENTE.  Will it last? It mightn't. It might. Stay tuned.

Here are portraits from these days:

An eastern warbler!  This Chestnut-sided Warbler hung around with the hooligans of Lighthouse Hill

There are mice.  Here's a mouse.  Someday we hopet'n't have mice.

This is a Virginia Rail in temporary residence on the (very) windy side of the lighthouse.  It looked  exactly like this all day.  So we (Boo) caught it and brought it down to live in the Coast Guard Tree.  You're welcome rail: good luck.

Railey II.  Railey I took up residence on the island for ~1 week last September.
September 14th eBird
September 15th eBird

SEFI: 95
SCI:   94

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