Sunday, September 6, 2015

Zalophus Tango

1 September

  The drought worsens.  Land birds are dwindling, winds are increasing, and minimal reprieve is in sight.  San Clemente Island has pulled into the lead.  We are desperate for reinforcements.

  Here I present a portrait of Zalophus.  They are battling (mock-battle? play?) over sleeping space on the marine terrace.  Bizarre and amusing creatures:

  And one of very few land birds on the island this day was another Least Flycatcher.  This is a difficult bird to see on the mainland but they occur here with alarming frequency.  This is the 4th found by yours truly.  I think my GBRS score must be trickling up.

eBird checklist

SCI:   67
SEFI: 63

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