Friday, September 18, 2015

A Pleasure Trip to The Farallones

12-13 September 2015

Another multi-pad, dominated by furred things for lack of feathers. My days grow short but I remain busy with non-blogging.  I apologize to you all: I have not forgotten.

Weather has not smiled kindly upon us: the birds aren't here. September remains in a veritable avian-drought. Fog and strong winds have kept most birds from finding our small and insufficient refuge. Siren-songs from Mastwell and Rockly are belched to no avail. Our near-constant Sulid companions remain a small bright light in this shadowy world as we anxiously await the flood. Will the sparkling hordes arrive before Rob must take his leave?

I won't look like these guys on my return trip.  I just won't do it.

Don Mastwell loves Zalophus, especially this one (Steve). This portrait was commissioned by Don to illustrate his love for the California Sea Lion.

Fact of the day: Northern Elephant Seals are punishingly adorable.

Martin Sheen? Hippo? Wet Elephant Seal.
SCI:   89
SEFI: 86

This list is no way to win a war:
September 12th eBird checklist

At least this one's a bit better:
September 13th eBird checklist

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