Saturday, September 12, 2015

Insular Potentates

8 Sep 2015

  Few birds on this day and fewer in the immediate future.  San Clemente has pulled into a hearty lead and the weather has turned poor.  Some new birds were found on this day (many thanks to Don Mastwell, Emberizid Whisperer)--a Clay-colored and Brewer's Sparrow.  To find out how many days go by until our next arrival is recorded, keep reading.

  Until then, potentates:

Commander-in-chief, Major Tietz, accompanying Corporal Curry down the cart path.
Monarch of the Isle.  This lovely butterfly showed up after some strengthy northwest winds.  We've had 2-3 this season.  Strong fliers they are--and they are in trouble.  Plant milkweed, buy organic, and don't use pesticides.

SCI:   89
SEFI: 73

eBird Checklist (they only get worse!)

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