Saturday, September 5, 2015


31 August

  Peregrines are regulars on the Farallones, both residents and migrants.  They eat whatever birds they can catch, including stuff that we want to see--great photos were taken last year of an Acorn Woodpecker (a rare bird here!) in the talons of a Peregrine.

Peregrine Falcon below North Chute on the north side of Lighthouse Hill.  "Oh look, an ape."
Sometimes Peregrines go after Tufted Puffins--a very difficult target.  We almost never find Puffin pieces that show signs of Peregrine depredation.  This puffin escaped--barely.
eBird checklist for the 31st...26 species...ugh

Ahhh!  We've been surpassed!
SCI:   67
SEFI: 63

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